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One of two gold Mycenaean cups from the Vapheio tholos tomb, Lakonia, 15th century BCE. The cups show relief scenes of capturing bulls. (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)

A gold stemmed cup from Mycenae, often called the "Cup of Nestor" following Homer"s description. A dove rests on the top of each handle. 16th century BCE, Grave IV, Grave Circle A, Mycenae. (National Archaeological Museum, Athens)

Cong is the name given lớn a type of jade of unknown purpose, found in burials of the Neolithic period in Southeast China. The Cong has a square cross-section with a cylindrical hole. Congs are often decorated at the corners with faces, each...

Cups were a part of everyday life in the ancient world, just as they are today but craftworkers and artists were often challenged to lớn use their talents khổng lồ produce especially decorative & beautiful examples. In this gallery of 24 images we...

Jade artifacts & icons are almost synonymous with the Chinese culture going back thousands of years. Jade (nephrite) was first worked into recognizable objects c. 6000 BCE during the period of the Houli Culture (c. 6500 - c. 5500 BCE...
A Chinese cong of jade, a ritual object commonly found in tombs but of unknown function. Unknown date but probably Neolithic. Height: 12.9 cm. (British Museum, London)
More không tính phí lessons at: http://www.khanacademy.org/video?v=ld8kHvz1yN4Jade Cong, c. 2500 B.C.E., Liangzhu culture, Neolithic period, đài loan trung quốc (British Museum)A conversation between Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker
Drinking Cup known as the Nestor"s Cup found in the ancient Greek site of Pithekoussai on the island of Ischia in Italy, dated lớn c. 740 BCE. The cup has letters that are considered one of the oldest known examples of the use of the Greek...
Drawing depicting the Jelling cup - a Viking Age silver cup found in a burial mound at the site of Jelling, Denmark. It is decorated with typical Viking Age animal ornamentation, in this case of the so-called Jelling style variety, which...
The celebrated Lycurgus cup, one of the finest examples of Roman glassware made in the 4th century CE. The cup is an example of the diatreta or cage-cup type where the glass was cut away to lớn create figures in high relief attached to lớn the inner...

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