I finally grabbed on Missha x Line Friends edition! This is so in hyped recently because the packaging is cute và Line is popular in many countries. For me, while many people favorite characters are either Brown or Cony, I would chose James! Yeah, he is crazy & crazy & funny & I don"t have anymore phản hồi about his expression. Too bad he is unpopular. The eyeshadow is in pink-themed màu sắc and the lipstick is claimed as matte type in brick red color. I think Salsa Red màu sắc is famous recently in Korea & I"m interested in advertising picture.

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The outside packaging is velvet (not the box but the case). I lượt thích to cảm ứng it when grabbing this eyeshadow before using.

Colors are glittery red-brown for lining, glittery nude beige suitable for highlighter, glittery reddish pink for point color, & a matte beige-pink.

Closer look for this eyeshadow pallete after putting off its plastic separator. This is rare because usually, the plastic doesn"t have place for applicator.

And take a look at Cony"s face. I just swatched twice for đánh giá purpose beside Cony"s print. & the rest, I used other matte base color or without base at all. I"m too scared of ruining the đáng yêu Cony, even though I"ve never seen a makeup tools seriously before. Usually, I never cared of messing my cosmetic as long as it is still can be used (referred khổng lồ what I"ve done with Secret Key Flower Water Pact).
This eyeshadow consists of 4 colors with pink-based theme. Completed with dual-side sponge applicator and a mirror.
Result on my eyes. The pink theme is too strong for everyday usage because it has more red hue. I like it though, especially for special occasion that needs glittery eyeshadow. Added Visee Slim Gel Liner BK001 to tightline. And I love to lớn wear pink shadow under my eyes, just like in the picture. But it depends on what kind of màu sắc so it won"t create swollen eyes.
The sponge applicator is very soft, I can hardly feel it when applying with its sponge. But the color will be more vivid by using finger anyway. For staying power, it doesn"t smudge at the kết thúc of working day for my dry skin. I didn"t put primer, but just powder nowadays to prevent smudging. The pink màu sắc comes out pretty vibrant compared lớn my pale skin and true to lớn its advertising picture.MY THOUGHTS FOR EYE màu sắc STUDIO MINI #02 CONY PINK:+ Pink-brown eyeshadow theme than can be used for either everyday or special activity. I usually chose the brown màu sắc for daily usage, but the pink can be put sheer for daily too.+ dễ thương packaging and not heavy.+ Long lasting finish for hours. It stands when I"m working without smudging (unlike DAISO Ellefar).+ The glitters don"t fall easily. It doesn"t messed up my makeup.+ Eyeshadow is very soft. I think most Korean eyeshadows are made with soft finish on skin (Ex. Etude Berry Delicious Fantastic màu sắc Eyes #7).+ The pinkish red màu sắc comes out very vibrant as main color.+ Pretty cheap even though I must buy through PO. - For those who don"t like glittery và sheer eyeshadow.- The pink màu sắc won"t be suitable for daily makeup except using it sheer without finger. But it depends on preferences. 02. Missha x Line Friends Matte Lip Rouge #MRD02 Salsa Red
I was a bit curious of its color. I wonder if it"ll be similar khổng lồ the ads. The cap is from plastic so it seems cheap. But I"m surprised lớn know it"s a bit heavy. So this toy-like lipstick doesn"t feel cheap because of its weight.
It also have generous kích thước considering I won"t use a red lipstick too much. & I just need lớn tap-tap a little so the màu sắc comes off.
Comparison between the lisptick and eyeshadow. MRD02 is actually very bold, right? Can you see the Cony-pictured eyeshadow pan shade on the most right? It"s very pale pink-beige and unnoticeable.
The lipstick is a normal one that won"t leave stain. But since it"s matte red, it stayed longer than glossy one. I feel it"s similar khổng lồ Mamonde Creamy Tint color Balm + Intense #16 Velvet Red in term of velvet-y finish if I wore it sheer. But if I wore it bold, it would be creamy finish with a little bit glossy effect.
This is the picture when I used the lipstick in 3 swipes lớn create bold red finish (without eyeshadow). I can see shine và creamy lipstick.
And this one if I put it sheer, only using tap-tap motion. The red is more vibrant when using it bolder. And if not, it"ll be brick red (almost brown). This pictures are also using Eye màu sắc Studio Mini Cony eyeshadow. But I put the brown (1st color) more than pink (3rd color). The left picture is using softlens from GEO BC-102.
MY THOUGHTS FOR MATTE LIP ROUGE #MRD02 SALSA RED:+ Can be used bold or sheer according to needs with different type of finish (that surprised me).+ Almost long lasting even though it doesn"t leave stain.+ Moisturizing lips.+ Pretty cheap.+ Rare màu sắc (at least for me). Và I will use mostly for special occasion because I rarely use red for daily.+ Even though the packaging looks cheap and toy-like, it"s heavy. Doesn"t look cheap at all after grabbing. - It has a hint of cardboard smell but will disappear after a few seconds. Almost no scent.- Transfer lớn glass, anything.- If I use it sheer, it won"t moisturized my lips well. But I don"t like using bold red lipstick.

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Using both the eyeshadow và lipstick. But I need a lipbalm because I only used the matte lipstick sheer & the moisturizing formula didn"t get absorbed well so I had chapped lips if not using lipbalm. If I used lipbalm like this, it"s like using a tinted lipbalm right? PS: I need khổng lồ cut my messy hair quickly.