Entertainer & Rapper, Eun Ji-Won

Eun Ji-Won is a South Korean rapper, singer, host, dancer, composer, and leader of first generation boy group SECHSKIES. He also pursued a career as a soloist after SECHSKIES’ disbandment in 2000. He become a hip-hop rapper và also entertainer. He appeared on several famous TV shows such as KBS’s “2 Days 1 Night”, tvN’s “Reply 1997”, tvN’s “New Journey to the West” và tvN’s “Kang’s Kitchen”. Let’s get khổng lồ know more about Eun Ji-Won life.

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Does Eun Ji-Won Has A Wife?


Eun Ji-Won was married once lớn his first love, Lee Soo-Yeon, who is 3 years older than hlặng. They first met in Hawaii in 1994, but broke up when Eun Ji-Won returned to South Korea to start as a SECHSKIES thành viên. They reunited 13 years later & decided to lớn married in February 2010 in Hawaii.

After 2 years as a couple, Eun Ji-Won decided to lớn divorce. Eun-Ji Won announced in 2013 that they had been divorced since August 2012. Eun Ji-Won’s management released a statement that the reason behind it was differences in personality và difficulty in getting along.

Does Eun Ji-Won Have sầu Any Children?


Although Eun Ji-Won has already married, unfortunately he doesn’t have any children yet with his ex-wife, Lee Soo-Yeon. There is also a rumor that the real reason behind the divorce is because they haven’t any children in their married life.

Eun Ji-Won’s Family Background


Eun Ji-Won has a powerful family background aý muốn celebrities. The son of Eun Hee-Man & Kyên Seong-Ah, literally nephew of the former president Park Geun-Hye. Korea’s former president Park Jung-Hee is former president Park Geun-Hye’s father and Eun Ji-Won grandmother’s brother. Although his aunt is a politician, he never understood politic things.

Eun Ji-Won và His Military Service


Eun Ji-Won was scheduled lớn start his military duty in 2010. But unfortunately, he was exempted from the army due to lớn lachồng of education. His agency at that time, GYM Entertainment released a full statement regarding Eun Ji-Won’s exemption from the army.

Eun Jiwon’s official military exemption was due khổng lồ education under-qualification. He studied overseas in Hawaii during his middle school days. The school in Hawaii wasn’t recognized in Korea, and when he returned he became a transfer student in Kent Foreigners School, and his education was not recognized.

Due lớn education under-qualification, he was rated màn chơi 4 for his physical examination results. Also at that time it was the IMF crisis, & there were many voluntary enlistments inkhổng lồ the army. Thus his conscription status was adjusted to lớn cấp độ 5, and he was automatically exempt from military service.

Eun Jiwon has been continuously involved in solo activities, thus he does not have sầu adequate time khổng lồ complete his education. Also, after so many years of receiving exemption, even if he were khổng lồ go for civil defense training or sit for school qualification examinations, it will be too late for him to lớn enlist for military service.

SECHSKIES Leader, Eun Ji-Won


Eun Ji-Won was discovered by Daesung Entertainment’s president, Lee Ho-Yeon, who was vacationing in Hawaii. Eun Ji-Won decided to lớn leave Hawaii along with Kang Sung-Hoon to be a part of a boy group with 6 members, SECHSKIES và got the part of leader, main rapper, and sub-vocadanh sách. The group lasted a long time, 3 years after they debuted in 1997. SECHSKIES decided to disband due hectic schedules, & upon agreement by the majority of the members. The former agency used khổng lồ plan a lot of truyền thông media appearances without consulting SECHSKIES, an that was one of the reasons behind the disbandment.

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On May 11 2016, SECHSKIES signed a special contract with YG Entertainment after their reunion on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge”, except Ko Ji-Yong who was busy with his company as CEO. SECHSKIES is still active sầu as a group now, only with 5 members.