BTS ― Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단) ― is proof that all hard work will pay off in the end. BTS started from the small label company, Big Hit Entertainment, who, at the time had nothing but their passion và love for the music industry. Since 2013, BTS have gained a lot of fans from around the world, và have gone from being an unknown entity from a B - danh sách company to boasting countless trophies from across the globe in their ‘bags.’

BTS has an entire ARMY that will always show their love towards the boys; it shows when ARMYs make organized efforts to stream songs both new and old, & how they vì chưng mass voting khổng lồ make sure their boys go trang chủ with the trophies they deserve.

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Starting from their rookie year in 2013, BTS had already been nominated for several events; their first trophy was the New Artist of the Year in the MelOn Music Awards (MMA) event. The next year, they were also a nominee for Best New Artist in năm trước in Golden Disc Awards, subsequently winning it.

In 2015, they added another trophy lớn their bag for their tuy vậy “I Need U” after they performed it in The Show Choice. BTS also won Best Male Dance for “I Need U” in MelOn Music Awards (MMA) as well. This tuy nhiên is not only beautiful và poignant, but it also has connections khổng lồ the BU (BTS Universe) lore that has had ARMY curious with the storyline behind it. Over half a decade later, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the related music clip and short films. Aren’t you curious as well?

Right now, in their trophy wall in Hybe Museum, there are many daesang trophies; vì chưng you know when và where they won their first daesang? BTS’ first daesang is from the MelOn Music Awards (MMA) in 2016 for a category Album of the Year, awarded to them for their album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever. They also won bonsang for the same album from Golden Disc Awards (GDA).

2017 was a great year for BTS in the USA. They came back to Seoul bearing the title of vị trí cao nhất Social Artist in Billboard Music Awards (U.S.), & also the title of Choice International Artist winner in Teen Choice Awards (U.S.). Not only in the USA, but their career in South Korea has been growing every year. Their long-lasting chart tuy vậy “Spring Day” ― or “Bom Nal” (봄날) ― also won its first Daesang: song of the Year in MelOn Music Awards (MMA). It is no wonder that this tuy vậy brought the Daesang trophy home that night, considering that regardless of whatever new release, this beautiful masterpiece has been camping on the charts since its first reveal. Perhaps this is due khổng lồ the mature, somber tone of the lyrics. As the tuy nhiên says,

BTS seems khổng lồ need a new bag every year, because almost every time they are nominated for a category, they nearly always take home the winning trophy; surely they must need more space at this point. In 2018, they were once again winners of the vị trí cao nhất Social Artist in Billboard Music Awards (U.S.) & Choice International Artist winner in Teen Choice Awards (U.S.) award, as well as winning the category of Favorite Social Artist in the American Music Awards.

BTS are 7, và each of them brought one trophy from MelOn Music Awards (MMA) that year. Yes, they won 7 categories that night, và it made them break the previous standing record. The general categories were Kakao Hot Star, Global Artist, MelOn vị trí cao nhất 10, Netizen Popularity Award, Best Rap/Hip Hop ― “FAKE LOVE”; the other two categories were for the daesangs, Album of the Year ― LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘TEAR’ ― và Artist of the Year.

In Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2018, they won 9 times that night & swept almost all categories they were in. They were Best Asian Style, Favorite Male Dance Artist, Favorite Music video clip – “IDOL,” Mwave Global Fans’ Choice ― “FAKE LOVE”, Worldwide Fans’ Choice đứng top 10, TikTok Best Music đoạn clip – “IDOL.” The three daesangs they brought home were Worldwide Icon of the Year, Album of the Year ― LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘TEAR’, và last but not the least, Artist of the Year. The achievements they got so far proves that “Teamwork makes the dream work”.

It seems that BTS and the top Social Artist category in the Billboard Music Awards (U.S.) are best friends because in 2019 BTS won the category for their 3rd year in a row. ARMY, isn’t that amazing? In the American Music Awards (AMA) they added to lớn their collection of trophies another 4 categories, which were Favorite Duo or Group ― Pop/Rock, Tour of the Year, Favorite Social Artist, and Best Music Video. We do not need to lớn worry, BTS not only continues winning categories in the US, but they also annually take trang chủ their daesangs from events in South Korea, namely: Artist of the Year, Record of the Year ― MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, Album of the Year ― MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, tuy vậy of the Year ― “Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)” from MelOn Music Awards (MMA), Best Concert ― BTS WORLD TOUR: LOVE YOURSELF from Edaily Culture Awards, & many more. It is no wonder now they have their own wall of trophies because no bag is big enough to lớn contain them!

Their latest and biggest achievement was being nominated for a Grammy in the category, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their single “Dynamite” in 2020. They did not bring the trophy back to Seoul but they were happy just khổng lồ be nominated. As Yoongi said, they will make sure lớn bring the trophy home next year. So ARMY, we better prepare to lớn watch it again next year together with them.

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Although they already have so many trophies to their name, it does not stop them from making even greater music; to show their passion & love towards the industry, they keep telling themselves to vì better và better. The word satisfied is not in their dictionary, because they know they can vì better. We are fans, we can only tư vấn them, to make sure they win future categories because they deserve it after all the hard work they have put into their work.