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Code Geass: 10 Things Fans Never Understood About Suzaku Suzaku harbors a lot of hate from fans, but without him in Code Geass, the story would not have been as complex as it was in the end.

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Two images of Suzaku, one is with him standing and in other he is holding a gun.
Code Geass is part focuses both on the action and its diverse characters. After being exiled, Lelouch was left all alone with his sister. The only person that accompanied them was Lelouch"s childhood friend, Suzaku. They all got along pretty well until they grew up & followed their separate paths. Suzaku enrolled in the military và Lelouch became a revolutionist.

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Suzaku"s opinions contradict Lelouch"s, but he changes after coming khổng lồ a realization. Even so, a lot of hate is directed towards Suzaku from fans. They hotline him a hypocrite. His character is complex & many fail to lớn understand that. Without him, the story would not have been fun at all.

Lelouch and Suzaku are two sides of the same coin. One supports the means lớn the over while the other focuses on the results and not the means. Due khổng lồ his tragic past, he developed a mentality lớn avoid conflict whenever he can. So he started serving in the Britannian military.

He sided with the enemy, which he knows, is fascist & racist. Britannia was killing innocents while he served in the military. He joined an order that he knew was wrong. So much for his ideals of just means when he himself is a part of a corrupt system.

Suzaku aiming his gun at Lelouch at the kết thúc of season 1 of Code Geass.
Suzaku is established as a guy who stands for justice & hates people lượt thích Zero, who takes things in their own hands. This does not explain why he killed his own father? His father was the prime minister of japan and he killed him, when he was young, khổng lồ save soldiers from being killed in the war.

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It contradicts his own ideals. Even so, thousands of Japanese people died after Britannia won. Children are supposed khổng lồ love their parents và follow them. There was something wrong with Suzaku from the start. No normal child would think of killing their parents.

Suzaku wearing military uniform at the start of the series.
After his immature act of stabbing his father, Suzaku was sure to have some trauma. If his father was alive then he would"ve been able khổng lồ save some areas of Japan, where the Japanese could have lived in peace. Suzaku realized that very soon that he had committed a crime against the Japanese.

He atoned for it by joining the military lớn achieve peace. The same military that discriminates the Japanese and executes them for no reason. Lloyd asked him once "If you want peace then why did you join the military to lớn kill people." and he was right. He needs lớn reevaluate his sense of right & wrong.

7 His Obsession With Dying

Suzaku is complicated, he went through a lot & constantly evolves through the show. A guy who murdered his father và took the right of his people is bound lớn feel despair. He desires to vị something good for the Japanese. Thus, he should be compassionate and selfless.

But that"s not the case. Mao reveals that Suzaku is suicidal and looking for an honorable to end his life- probably on the battlefield. He wanted to take the burden off his shoulders. Lelouch used his Geass to order him to live, it was a gift.

Suzaku had a thick skull và nothing went through it. He completely shut himself off khổng lồ other"s ideas. Lelouch tried to talk sense into him but he was bent on being a pawn. He faced true horror when he fired the F.L.E.I.J.A warhead & ended up killing Nunally và thousands of Britannians. His sense of just means was thrown right out of the window.

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Even then, he tried to lớn blame it all on Lelouch to lớn get the weight off his chest. But it did not take long for the reality to hit him. He tried to lớn see everything in a new light & discovered that King Charles was lớn blame for all of it. Then he endorsed Lelouch Requiem. Took him long enough.

5 Handing Over Zero khổng lồ The Emperor

Lelouch saved Suzaku from being executed by the Empire he was loyal to, và the other time was when the same Empire used him as bait lớn kill Zero. & how does Suzaku repay for his debt? He hands him over lớn the same Empire when he gets the upper hand on him.

Even when they were enemies, Lelouch cared for Suzaku. Và when asked by Charles what he would want in return. He wished to lớn be granted a higher rank. He could"ve let Lelouch go or tried to reform him but he didn"t. It was a selfish & cocky move.

Suzaku, in the end, went on lớn serve Lelouch. He was assigned his personal Knight & put his life on the line for Lelouch. Finally, when the entire world was at peace. One final task had lớn be done lớn ensure that peace is everlasting.

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Lelouch had khổng lồ die in front of everyone and it had khổng lồ be done by Suzaku"s hands. Suzaku was surprised and in grief when Lelouch told him that. & he followed his plan lượt thích always. Lelouch was a planner và Suzaku a soldier. Theatrics were his part & he could"ve staged his death and saved him. Instead, he impaled him.

3 Joined Zero Who Killed Euphy

Euphy"s death was an unfortunate event. No one wanted that khổng lồ happen. Lelouch was finally thinking as a brother & gave in lớn her demand, just for the sake of his love for her. It was only due to lớn a joke going wrong, that Euphy became a killer & had to die.

Suzaku was also moved by her death và swore to lớn make Lelouch pay for it. This time, he was sure to lớn kill Zero. So it does not makes sense that he sided with him. Suzaku needs to lớn stick to his decisions.

If it weren"t for the coincidences and luck, Code Geass would not have been anywhere near interesting. Lelouch was lucky that he found CC and got the power of Geass from her. But Suzaku"s luck never seems to lớn run out. Despite a few setbacks, his luck works more than anyone else.

He met Princess Euphemia- who later fell in love with him-, became the pilot of the most advanced Knightmare just because he was present there, got along with others as an eleven at a Britannian school & all the other things he was fortunate lớn have. Still, he acts lượt thích he"s the most miserable guy in the world.

1 Suzaku Is Over-Powered

Code Geass is a show about strategy & mind games with mechas, in season 2, it became a mecha show with mind games và strategy. Lelouch used khổng lồ plan out every little detail before launching an attack. But Suzaku wrecks everything just because he"s strong.

And there is no consistent reason behind his talent. Even Lelouch"s plans went wrong many times. Kallen was a talented pilot of Guren because she trained hard for it. Suzaku, on the other hand, seems to be born with it. Và his Lancelot gets new upgrades all the time, which throws a monkey wrench at the balance of power nguồn in the show.

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